yt.utilities.lib.alt_ray_tracers module


Computes straight (cartesian) rays being traced through a cylindrical geometry.

  • p1 (length 3 float ndarray) – start point for ray
  • p2 (length 3 float ndarray) – stop point for ray
  • left_edges (2d ndarray) – left edges of grid cells
  • right_edges (2d ndarray) – right edges of grid cells

  • t (1d float ndarray) – ray parametric time on range [0,1]
  • s (1d float ndarray) – ray parametric distance on range [0,len(ray)]
  • rztheta (2d float ndarray) – ray grid cell intersections in cylindrical coordinates
  • inds (1d int ndarray) – indexes into the grid cells which the ray crosses in order.