yt.frontends.owls.owls_ion_tables module

OWLS ion tables

A module to handle the HM01 UV background spectra and ionization data from the OWLS photoionization equilibrium lookup tables.

class yt.frontends.owls.owls_ion_tables.IonTableOWLS(ion_file)[source]

Bases: object

A class to handle OWLS ionization tables.

DELTA_T = 0.1
DELTA_nH = 0.25
interp(nH, T)[source]
class yt.frontends.owls.owls_ion_tables.IonTableSpectrum(ion_file)[source]

Bases: object

A class to handle the HM01 spectra in the OWLS ionization tables.

yt.frontends.owls.owls_ion_tables.h5rd(fname, path, dtype=None)[source]

Read Data. Return a dataset located at <path> in file <fname> as a numpy array. e.g. rd( fname, ‘/PartType0/Coordinates’ ).