Source code for yt.utilities.exceptions

This is a library of yt-defined exceptions


# Copyright (c) 2013, yt Development Team.
# Distributed under the terms of the Modified BSD License.
# The full license is in the file COPYING.txt, distributed with this software.

# We don't need to import 'exceptions'
import os.path

[docs]class YTException(Exception): def __init__(self, message = None, ds = None): Exception.__init__(self, message) self.ds = ds
# Data access exceptions:
[docs]class YTOutputNotIdentified(YTException): def __init__(self, args, kwargs): self.args = args self.kwargs = kwargs def __str__(self): return "Supplied %s %s, but could not load!" % ( self.args, self.kwargs)
[docs]class YTSphereTooSmall(YTException): def __init__(self, ds, radius, smallest_cell): YTException.__init__(self, ds=ds) self.radius = radius self.smallest_cell = smallest_cell def __str__(self): return "%0.5e < %0.5e" % (self.radius, self.smallest_cell)
[docs]class YTAxesNotOrthogonalError(YTException): def __init__(self, axes): self.axes = axes def __str__(self): return "The supplied axes are not orthogonal. %s" % (self.axes)
[docs]class YTNoDataInObjectError(YTException): def __init__(self, obj): self.obj_type = getattr(obj, "_type_name", "") def __str__(self): s = "The object requested has no data included in it." if self.obj_type == "slice": s += " It may lie on a grid face. Try offsetting slightly." return s
[docs]class YTFieldNotFound(YTException): def __init__(self, fname, ds): self.fname = fname self.ds = ds def __str__(self): return "Could not find field '%s' in %s." % (self.fname, self.ds)
[docs]class YTSceneFieldNotFound(YTException): pass
[docs]class YTCouldNotGenerateField(YTFieldNotFound): def __str__(self): return "Could field '%s' in %s could not be generated." % (self.fname, self.ds)
[docs]class YTFieldTypeNotFound(YTException): def __init__(self, ftype, ds=None): self.ftype = ftype self.ds = ds def __str__(self): if self.ds is not None and \ self.ftype in self.ds.particle_types: return ("Could not find field type '%s'. " + "This field type is a known particle type for this dataset. " + "Try adding this field with particle_type=True.") % self.ftype else: return "Could not find field type '%s'." % (self.ftype)
[docs]class YTSimulationNotIdentified(YTException): def __init__(self, sim_type): YTException.__init__(self) self.sim_type = sim_type def __str__(self): return "Simulation time-series type %s not defined." % self.sim_type
[docs]class YTCannotParseFieldDisplayName(YTException): def __init__(self, field_name, display_name, mathtext_error): self.field_name = field_name self.display_name = display_name self.mathtext_error = mathtext_error def __str__(self): return ("The display name \"%s\" " "of the derived field %s " "contains the following LaTeX parser errors:\n" ) \ % (self.display_name, self.field_name) + self.mathtext_error
[docs]class YTCannotParseUnitDisplayName(YTException): def __init__(self, field_name, unit_name, mathtext_error): self.field_name = field_name self.unit_name = unit_name self.mathtext_error = mathtext_error def __str__(self): return ("The unit display name \"%s\" " "of the derived field %s " "contains the following LaTeX parser errors:\n" ) \ % (self.unit_name, self.field_name) + self.mathtext_error
[docs]class InvalidSimulationTimeSeries(YTException): def __init__(self, message): self.message = message def __str__(self): return self.message
[docs]class MissingParameter(YTException): def __init__(self, ds, parameter): YTException.__init__(self, ds=ds) self.parameter = parameter def __str__(self): return "dataset %s is missing %s parameter." % \ (self.ds, self.parameter)
[docs]class NoStoppingCondition(YTException): def __init__(self, ds): YTException.__init__(self, ds=ds) def __str__(self): return "Simulation %s has no stopping condition. StopTime or StopCycle should be set." % \ self.ds
[docs]class YTNotInsideNotebook(YTException): def __str__(self): return "This function only works from within an IPython Notebook."
[docs]class YTGeometryNotSupported(YTException): def __init__(self, geom): self.geom = geom def __str__(self): return "We don't currently support %s geometry" % self.geom
[docs]class YTCoordinateNotImplemented(YTException): def __str__(self): return "This coordinate is not implemented for this geometry type."
[docs]class YTUnitNotRecognized(YTException): def __init__(self, unit): self.unit = unit def __str__(self): return "This dataset doesn't recognize %s" % self.unit
[docs]class YTUnitOperationError(YTException, ValueError): def __init__(self, operation, unit1, unit2=None): self.operation = operation self.unit1 = unit1 self.unit2 = unit2 YTException.__init__(self) def __str__(self): err = "The %s operator for YTArrays with units (%s) " % (self.operation, self.unit1, ) if self.unit2 is not None: err += "and (%s) " % self.unit2 err += "is not well defined." return err
[docs]class YTUnitConversionError(YTException): def __init__(self, unit1, dimension1, unit2, dimension2): self.unit1 = unit1 self.unit2 = unit2 self.dimension1 = dimension1 self.dimension2 = dimension2 YTException.__init__(self) def __str__(self): err = "Unit dimensionalities do not match. Tried to convert between " \ "%s (dim %s) and %s (dim %s)." \ % (self.unit1, self.dimension1, self.unit2, self.dimension2) return err
[docs]class YTUnitsNotReducible(YTException): def __init__(self, unit, units_base): self.unit = unit self.units_base = units_base YTException.__init__(self) def __str__(self): err = "The unit '%s' cannot be reduced to a single expression within " \ "the %s base system of units." % (self.unit, self.units_base) return err
[docs]class YTEquivalentDimsError(YTUnitOperationError): def __init__(self, old_units, new_units, base): self.old_units = old_units self.new_units = new_units self.base = base def __str__(self): err = "It looks like you're trying to convert between '%s' and '%s'. Try " \ "using \"to_equivalent('%s', '%s')\" instead." % (self.old_units, self.new_units, self.new_units, self.base) return err
[docs]class YTUfuncUnitError(YTException): def __init__(self, ufunc, unit1, unit2): self.ufunc = ufunc self.unit1 = unit1 self.unit2 = unit2 YTException.__init__(self) def __str__(self): err = "The NumPy %s operation is only allowed on objects with " \ "identical units. Convert one of the arrays to the other\'s " \ "units first. Received units (%s) and (%s)." % \ (self.ufunc, self.unit1, self.unit2) return err
[docs]class YTIterableUnitCoercionError(YTException): def __init__(self, quantity_list): self.quantity_list = quantity_list def __str__(self): err = "Received a list or tuple of quantities with nonuniform units: " \ "%s" % self.quantity_list return err
[docs]class YTFieldUnitError(YTException): def __init__(self, field_info, returned_units): self.msg = ("The field function associated with the field '%s' returned " "data with units '%s' but was defined with units '%s'.") self.msg = self.msg % (, returned_units, field_info.units) def __str__(self): return self.msg
[docs]class YTFieldUnitParseError(YTException): def __init__(self, field_info): self.msg = ("The field '%s' has unparseable units '%s'.") self.msg = self.msg % (, field_info.units) def __str__(self): return self.msg
[docs]class YTSpatialFieldUnitError(YTException): def __init__(self, field): msg = ("Field '%s' is a spatial field but has unknown units but " "spatial fields must have explicitly defined units. Add the " "field with explicit 'units' to clear this error.") self.msg = msg % (field,) def __str__(self): return self.msg
[docs]class YTHubRegisterError(YTException): def __str__(self): return "You must create an API key before uploading. See " + \ ""
[docs]class YTNoFilenamesMatchPattern(YTException): def __init__(self, pattern): self.pattern = pattern def __str__(self): return "No filenames were found to match the pattern: " + \ "'%s'" % (self.pattern)
[docs]class YTNoOldAnswer(YTException): def __init__(self, path): self.path = path def __str__(self): return "There is no old answer available.\n" + \ str(self.path)
[docs]class YTCloudError(YTException): def __init__(self, path): self.path = path def __str__(self): return "Failed to retrieve cloud data. Connection may be broken.\n" + \ str(self.path)
[docs]class YTEllipsoidOrdering(YTException): def __init__(self, ds, A, B, C): YTException.__init__(self, ds=ds) self._A = A self._B = B self._C = C def __str__(self): return "Must have A>=B>=C"
[docs]class EnzoTestOutputFileNonExistent(YTException): def __init__(self, filename): self.filename = filename self.testname = os.path.basename(os.path.dirname(filename)) def __str__(self): return "Enzo test output file (OutputLog) not generated for: " + \ "'%s'" % (self.testname) + ".\nTest did not complete."
[docs]class YTNoAPIKey(YTException): def __init__(self, service, config_name): self.service = service self.config_name = config_name def __str__(self): return "You need to set an API key for %s in ~/.config/yt/ytrc as %s" % ( self.service, self.config_name)
[docs]class YTTooManyVertices(YTException): def __init__(self, nv, fn): self.nv = nv self.fn = fn def __str__(self): s = "There are too many vertices (%s) to upload to Sketchfab. " % (self.nv) s += "Your model has been saved as %s . You should upload manually." % (self.fn) return s
[docs]class YTInvalidWidthError(YTException): def __init__(self, width): self.error = "width (%s) is invalid" % str(width) def __str__(self): return str(self.error)
[docs]class YTFieldNotParseable(YTException): def __init__(self, field): self.field = field def __str__(self): return "Cannot identify field %s" % (self.field,)
[docs]class YTDataSelectorNotImplemented(YTException): def __init__(self, class_name): self.class_name = class_name def __str__(self): return "Data selector '%s' not implemented." % (self.class_name)
[docs]class YTParticleDepositionNotImplemented(YTException): def __init__(self, class_name): self.class_name = class_name def __str__(self): return "Particle deposition method '%s' not implemented." % (self.class_name)
[docs]class YTDomainOverflow(YTException): def __init__(self, mi, ma, dle, dre): self.mi = mi = ma self.dle = dle self.dre = dre def __str__(self): return "Particle bounds %s and %s exceed domain bounds %s and %s" % ( self.mi,, self.dle, self.dre)
[docs]class YTIntDomainOverflow(YTException): def __init__(self, dims, dd): self.dims = dims self.dd = dd def __str__(self): return "Integer domain overflow: %s in %s" % ( self.dims, self.dd)
[docs]class YTIllDefinedFilter(YTException): def __init__(self, filter, s1, s2): self.filter = filter self.s1 = s1 self.s2 = s2 def __str__(self): return "Filter '%s' ill-defined. Applied to shape %s but is shape %s." % ( self.filter, self.s1, self.s2)
[docs]class YTIllDefinedParticleFilter(YTException): def __init__(self, filter, missing): self.filter = filter self.missing = missing def __str__(self): msg = ("\nThe fields\n\t{},\nrequired by the \"{}\" particle filter, " "are not defined for this dataset.") f = self.filter return msg.format("\n".join([str(m) for m in self.missing]),
[docs]class YTIllDefinedBounds(YTException): def __init__(self, lb, ub): = lb self.ub = ub def __str__(self): v = "The bounds %0.3e and %0.3e are ill-defined. " % (, self.ub) v += "Typically this happens when a log binning is specified " v += "and zero or negative values are given for the bounds." return v
[docs]class YTObjectNotImplemented(YTException): def __init__(self, ds, obj_name): self.ds = ds self.obj_name = obj_name def __str__(self): v = r"The object type '%s' is not implemented for the dataset " v += r"'%s'." return v % (self.obj_name, self.ds)
[docs]class YTRockstarMultiMassNotSupported(YTException): def __init__(self, mi, ma, ptype): self.mi = mi = ma self.ptype = ptype def __str__(self): v = "Particle type '%s' has minimum mass %0.3e and maximum " % ( self.ptype, self.mi) v += "mass %0.3e. Multi-mass particles are not currently supported." % ( return v
[docs]class YTTooParallel(YTException): def __str__(self): return "You've used too many processors for this dataset."
[docs]class YTElementTypeNotRecognized(YTException): def __init__(self, dim, num_nodes): self.dim = dim self.num_nodes = num_nodes def __str__(self): return "Element type not recognized - dim = %s, num_nodes = %s" % ( self.dim, self.num_nodes)
[docs]class YTDuplicateFieldInProfile(Exception): def __init__(self, field, new_spec, old_spec): self.field = field self.new_spec = new_spec self.old_spec = old_spec def __str__(self): r = """Field %s already exists with field spec: %s But being asked to add it with: %s""" % (self.field, self.old_spec, self.new_spec) return r
[docs]class YTInvalidPositionArray(Exception): def __init__(self, shape, dimensions): self.shape = shape self.dimensions = dimensions def __str__(self): r = """Position arrays must be length and shape (N,3). But this one has %s and %s.""" % (self.dimensions, self.shape) return r
[docs]class YTIllDefinedCutRegion(Exception): def __init__(self, conditions): self.conditions = conditions def __str__(self): r = """Can't mix particle/discrete and fluid/mesh conditions or quantities. Conditions specified: """ r += "\n".join([c for c in self.conditions]) return r
[docs]class YTMixedCutRegion(Exception): def __init__(self, conditions, field): self.conditions = conditions self.field = field def __str__(self): r = """Can't mix particle/discrete and fluid/mesh conditions or quantities. Field: %s and Conditions specified: """ % (self.field,) r += "\n".join([c for c in self.conditions]) return r
[docs]class YTGDFAlreadyExists(Exception): def __init__(self, filename): self.filename = filename def __str__(self): return "A file already exists at %s and clobber=False." % self.filename
[docs]class YTGDFUnknownGeometry(Exception): def __init__(self, geometry): self.geometry = geometry def __str__(self): return '''Unknown geometry %i. Please refer to GDF standard for more information''' % self.geometry
[docs]class YTInvalidUnitEquivalence(Exception): def __init__(self, equiv, unit1, unit2): self.equiv = equiv self.unit1 = unit1 self.unit2 = unit2 def __str__(self): return "The unit equivalence '%s' does not exist for the units '%s' and '%s'." % (self.equiv, self.unit1, self.unit2)
[docs]class YTPlotCallbackError(Exception): def __init__(self, callback, error): self.callback = 'annotate_' + callback self.error = error def __str__(self): msg = '%s callback failed with the following error: %s' return msg % (self.callback, self.error)
[docs]class YTPixelizeError(YTException): def __init__(self, message): self.message = message def __str__(self): return self.message
[docs]class YTDimensionalityError(YTException): def __init__(self, wrong, right): self.wrong = wrong self.right = right def __str__(self): return 'Dimensionality specified was %s but we need %s' % ( self.wrong, self.right)
[docs]class YTInvalidShaderType(YTException): def __init__(self, source): self.source = source def __str__(self): return "Can't identify shader_type for file '%s.'" % (self.source)
[docs]class YTInvalidFieldType(YTException): def __init__(self, fields): self.fields = fields def __str__(self): msg = ("\nSlicePlot, ProjectionPlot, and OffAxisProjectionPlot can only " "plot fields that\n" "are defined on a mesh, but received the following particle " "fields:\n\n" " %s\n\n" "Did you mean to use ParticlePlot or plot a deposited particle " "field instead?" % self.fields) return msg
[docs]class YTUnknownUniformKind(YTException): def __init__(self, kind): self.kind = kind def __str__(self): return "Can't determine kind specification for %s" % (self.kind)
[docs]class YTUnknownUniformSize(YTException): def __init__(self, size_spec): self.size_spec = size_spec def __str__(self): return "Can't determine size specification for %s" % (self.size_spec)
[docs]class YTDataTypeUnsupported(YTException): def __init__(self, this, supported): self.supported = supported self.this = this def __str__(self): v = "This operation is not supported for data of geometry %s; " % self.this v += "It supports data of geometries %s" % (self.supported,) return v
[docs]class YTBoundsDefinitionError(YTException): def __init__(self, message, bounds): self.bounds = bounds self.message = message def __str__(self): v = "This operation has encountered a bounds error: " v += self.message v += " Specified bounds are %s" % self.bounds return v
[docs]def screen_one_element_list(lis): if len(lis) == 1: return lis[0] return lis
[docs]class YTIllDefinedProfile(YTException): def __init__(self, bin_fields, fields, weight_field, is_pfield): nbin = len(bin_fields) nfields = len(fields) self.bin_fields = screen_one_element_list(bin_fields) self.bin_fields_ptype = screen_one_element_list(is_pfield[:nbin]) self.fields = screen_one_element_list(fields) self.fields_ptype = screen_one_element_list(is_pfield[nbin:nbin+nfields]) self.weight_field = weight_field if self.weight_field is not None: self.weight_field_ptype = is_pfield[-1] def __str__(self): msg = ( "\nCannot create a profile object that mixes particle and mesh " "fields.\n\n" "Received the following bin_fields:\n\n" " %s, particle_type = %s\n\n" "Profile fields:\n\n" " %s, particle_type = %s\n" ) msg = msg % ( self.bin_fields, self.bin_fields_ptype, self.fields, self.fields_ptype ) if self.weight_field is not None: weight_msg = "\nAnd weight field:\n\n %s, particle_type = %s\n" weight_msg = weight_msg % ( self.weight_field, self.weight_field_ptype) else: weight_msg = "" return msg + weight_msg
[docs]class YTBooleanObjectError(YTException): def __init__(self, bad_object): self.bad_object = bad_object def __str__(self): v = "Supplied:\n%s\nto a boolean operation" % (self.bad_object) v += " but it is not a YTSelectionContainer3D object." return v
[docs]class YTBooleanObjectsWrongDataset(YTException): def __init__(self): pass def __str__(self): return "Boolean data objects must share a common dataset object."
[docs]class YTIllDefinedAMR(YTException): def __init__(self, level, axis): self.level = level self.axis = axis def __str__(self): msg = ( "Grids on the level {} are not properly aligned with cell edges " "on the parent level ({} axis)" ).format(self.level, self.axis) return msg
[docs]class YTInconsistentGridFieldShape(YTException): def __init__(self, shapes): self.shapes = shapes def __str__(self): msg = "Not all grid-based fields have the same shape!\n" for name, shape in self.shapes: msg += " Field {} has shape {}.\n".format(name, shape) return msg
[docs]class YTInconsistentParticleFieldShape(YTException): def __init__(self, ptype, shapes): self.ptype = ptype self.shapes = shapes def __str__(self): msg = ( "Not all fields with field type '{}' have the same shape!\n" ).format(self.ptype) for name, shape in self.shapes: field = (self.ptype, name) msg += " Field {} has shape {}.\n".format(field, shape) return msg
[docs]class YTInconsistentGridFieldShapeGridDims(YTException): def __init__(self, shapes, grid_dims): self.shapes = shapes self.grid_dims = grid_dims def __str__(self): msg = "Not all grid-based fields match the grid dimensions! " msg += "Grid dims are {}, ".format(self.grid_dims) msg += "and the following fields have shapes that do not match them:\n" for name, shape in self.shapes: if shape != self.grid_dims: msg += " Field {} has shape {}.\n".format(name, shape) return msg
[docs]class YTCommandRequiresModule(YTException): def __init__(self, module): self.module = module def __str__(self): msg = "This command requires \"%s\" to be installed.\n\n" % self.module msg += "Please install \"%s\" with the package manager " % self.module msg += "appropriate for your python environment, e.g.:\n" msg += " conda install %s\n" % self.module msg += "or:\n" msg += " pip install %s\n" % self.module return msg