yt.geometry.unstructured_mesh_handler module

class yt.geometry.unstructured_mesh_handler.UnstructuredIndex(ds, dataset_type)[source]

Bases: yt.geometry.geometry_handler.Index

The Index subclass for unstructured and hexahedral mesh datasets.

comm = None
get_data(node, name)

Return the dataset with a given name located at node in the datafile.


Returns (in code units) the smallest cell size in the simulation.

partition_index_3d(ds, padding=0.0, rank_ratio=1)

Returns an array that is used to drive _partition_index_3d_bisection, below.

partition_region_3d(left_edge, right_edge, padding=0.0, rank_ratio=1)

Given a region, it subdivides it into smaller regions for parallel analysis.

save_data(array, node, name, set_attr=None, force=False, passthrough=False)

Arbitrary numpy data will be saved to the region in the datafile described by node and name. If data file does not exist, it throws no error and simply does not save.