Domain-Specific Analysis

yt powers a number modules that provide specialized analysis tools relevant to one or a few domains. Some of these are internal to yt, but many exist as external packages, either maintained by the yt project or independently.

Internal Analysis Modules

These modules exist within yt itself.


As of yt version 3.5, most of the astrophysical analysis tools have been moved to the yt Astro Analysis and yt Attic packages. See below for more information.

External Analysis Modules

These are external packages maintained by the yt project.

yt Astro Analysis



The yt_astro_analysis package houses most of the astrophysical analysis tools that were formerly in the yt.analysis_modules import. These include halo finding, custom halo analysis, synthetic observations, and exports to radiative transfer codes. See Available Modules for a list of available functionality.

yt Attic



The yt_attic contains former yt analysis modules that have fallen by the wayside. These may have small bugs or were simply not kept up to date as yt evolved. Tools in here are looking for a new owner and a new home. If you find something in here that you’d like to bring back to life, either by adding it to yt Astro Analysis or as part of your own package, you are welcome to it! If you’d like any help, let us know! See In the Attic for a list of inventory of the attic.


There are a number of independent, yt-related packages for things like visual effects, interactive widgets, synthetic absorption spectra, X-ray observations, and merger-trees. See the yt Extensions page for a list of available extension packages.