Auxiliary Data Files for use with yt’s Photon Simulator

Included in the xray_data package are a number of files that you may find useful when working with yt’s X-ray photon_simulator analysis module. They have been tested to give spectral fitting results consistent with input parameters.

Spectral Model Tables

ARFs and RMFs

We have tested the following ARFs and RMFs with the photon simulator. These can be used to generate a very simplified representation of an X-ray observation, using a uniform, on-axis response. For more accurate models of X-ray observations we suggest using MARX or SIMX (detailed below).

  • Chandra: chandra_ACIS-S3_onaxis_arf.fits, chandra_ACIS-S3_onaxis_rmf.fits

    Generated from the CIAO tools, on-axis on the ACIS-S3 chip.

  • XMM-Newton: pn-med.arf, pn-med.rmf

    EPIC pn CCDs (medium filter), taken from SIMX

  • Astro-H: sxt-s_100208_ts02um_intall.arf, ah_sxs_7ev_basefilt_20090216.rmf

    SXT-S+SXS responses taken from

  • NuSTAR: nustarA.arf, nustarA.rmf

    Averaged responses for NuSTAR telescope A generated by Dan Wik (NASA/GSFC)

Other Useful Things Not Included Here