Notebook Tutorial

The IPython notebook is a powerful system for literate coding - a style of writing code that embeds input, output, and explanatory text into one document.

yt has deep integration with the IPython notebook, explained in-depth in the other example notebooks and the rest of the yt documentation. This page is here to give a brief introduction to the notebook itself.

To start the notebook, enter the following command at the bash command line:

$ ipython notebook

Depending on your default web browser and system setup this will open a web browser and direct you to the notebook dashboard. If it does not, you might need to connect to the notebook manually. See the IPython documentation for more details.

For the notebook tutorial, we rely on example notebooks that are part of the IPython documentation. We link to static nbviewer versions of the ‘evaluated’ versions of these example notebooks. If you would like to run them locally on your own computer, simply download the notebook by clicking the ‘Download Notebook’ link in the top right corner of each page.

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