Source code for yt.utilities.minimal_representation

import abc
import json
import os
from uuid import uuid4

import numpy as np

from yt.funcs import compare_dicts, is_sequence
from yt.units.yt_array import YTArray, YTQuantity
from yt.utilities.on_demand_imports import _h5py as h5py

def _sanitize_list(flist):
    temp = []
    for item in flist:
        if isinstance(item, str):
        elif isinstance(item, tuple) and all(isinstance(i, str) for i in item):
    return temp

def _serialize_to_h5(g, cdict):
    for item in cdict:
        if isinstance(cdict[item], (YTQuantity, YTArray)):
            g[item] = cdict[item].d
            g[item].attrs["units"] = str(cdict[item].units)
        elif isinstance(cdict[item], dict):
            _serialize_to_h5(g.create_group(item), cdict[item])
        elif cdict[item] is None:
            g[item] = "None"
        elif isinstance(cdict[item], list):
            g[item] = _sanitize_list(cdict[item])
        elif isinstance(cdict[item], tuple) and all(
            isinstance(i, str) for i in cdict[item]
            g[item] = tuple(_sanitize_list(cdict[item]))
            g[item] = cdict[item]

def _deserialize_from_h5(g, ds):
    result = {}
    for item in g:
        if item == "chunks":
        if "units" in g[item].attrs:
            if is_sequence(g[item]):
                result[item] = ds.arr(g[item][:], g[item].attrs["units"])
                result[item] = ds.quan(g[item][()], g[item].attrs["units"])
        elif isinstance(g[item], h5py.Group):
            result[item] = _deserialize_from_h5(g[item], ds)
        elif g[item] == "None":
            result[item] = None
                result[item] = g[item][:]  # try array
            except ValueError:
                result[item] = g[item][()]  # fallback to scalar
    return result

[docs]class ContainerClass: pass
[docs]class MinimalRepresentation(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta): def _update_attrs(self, obj, attr_list): for attr in attr_list: setattr(self, attr, getattr(obj, attr, None)) if hasattr(obj, "ds"): self.output_hash = obj.ds._hash() self._ds_mrep = obj.ds._mrep if hasattr(obj, "data_source"): self.data_source_hash = obj.data_source._hash def __init__(self, obj): self._update_attrs(obj, self._attr_list) @abc.abstractmethod def _generate_post(self): pass @abc.abstractproperty def _attr_list(self): pass def _return_filtered_object(self, attrs): new_attrs = tuple(attr for attr in self._attr_list if attr not in attrs) new_class = type( f"Filtered{self.__class__.__name__}", (FilteredRepresentation,), {"_attr_list": new_attrs}, ) return new_class(self) @property def _attrs(self): return {attr: getattr(self, attr) for attr in self._attr_list} @classmethod def _from_metadata(cls, metadata): cc = ContainerClass() for a, v in metadata.values(): setattr(cc, a, v) return cls(cc)
[docs] def store(self, storage): if hasattr(self, "_ds_mrep"): metadata, (final_name, chunks) = self._generate_post() metadata["obj_type"] = self.type with h5py.File(storage, mode="r") as h5f: dset = str(uuid4())[:8] h5f.create_group(dset) _serialize_to_h5(h5f[dset], metadata) if len(chunks) > 0: g = h5f[dset].create_group("chunks") g.attrs["final_name"] = final_name for fname, fdata in chunks: if isinstance(fname, (tuple, list)): fname = "*".join(fname) if isinstance(fdata, (YTQuantity, YTArray)): g.create_dataset(fname, data=fdata.d, compression="lzf") g[fname].attrs["units"] = str(fdata.units) else: g.create_dataset(fname, data=fdata, compression="lzf")
[docs] def restore(self, storage, ds): pass
[docs] def upload(self): raise NotImplementedError("This method hasn't been ported to python 3")
[docs] def load(self, storage): raise NotImplementedError("This method hasn't been ported to python 3")
[docs] def dump(self, storage): raise NotImplementedError("This method hasn't been ported to python 3")
[docs]class FilteredRepresentation(MinimalRepresentation): def _generate_post(self): raise RuntimeError
[docs]class MinimalDataset(MinimalRepresentation): _attr_list = ( "dimensionality", "refine_by", "domain_dimensions", "current_time", "domain_left_edge", "domain_right_edge", "unique_identifier", "current_redshift", "output_hash", "cosmological_simulation", "omega_matter", "omega_lambda", "hubble_constant", "name", ) type = "simulation_output" def __init__(self, obj): super().__init__(obj) self.output_hash = obj._hash() = str(obj) def _generate_post(self): metadata = self._attrs chunks = [] return (metadata, (None, chunks))
[docs]class MinimalMappableData(MinimalRepresentation): _attr_list = ( "field_data", "field", "weight_field", "axis", "output_hash", "vm_type", ) def _generate_post(self): nobj = self._return_filtered_object(("field_data",)) metadata = nobj._attrs chunks = [(arr, self.field_data[arr]) for arr in self.field_data] return (metadata, ("field_data", chunks)) def _read_chunks(self, g, ds): for fname in g.keys(): if "*" in fname: arr = tuple(fname.split("*")) else: arr = fname try: self.field_data[arr] = ds.arr(g[fname][:], g[fname].attrs["units"]) except KeyError: self.field_data[arr] = g[fname][:]
[docs]class MinimalProjectionData(MinimalMappableData): type = "proj" vm_type = "Projection" _attr_list = ( "field_data", "field", "weight_field", "axis", "output_hash", "center", "method", "field_parameters", "data_source_hash", )
[docs] def restore(self, storage, ds): if hasattr(self, "_ds_mrep"): self._ds_mrep.restore(storage, ds) metadata, (final_name, chunks) = self._generate_post() with h5py.File(storage, mode="r") as h5f: for dset in h5f: stored_metadata = _deserialize_from_h5(h5f[dset], ds) if compare_dicts(metadata, stored_metadata): self._read_chunks(h5f[dset]["chunks"], ds) return True return False
[docs]class MinimalSliceData(MinimalMappableData): type = "slice" vm_type = "Slice" weight_field = "None"
[docs]class MinimalImageCollectionData(MinimalRepresentation): type = "image_collection" _attr_list = ("name", "output_hash", "images", "image_metadata") def _generate_post(self): nobj = self._return_filtered_object(("images",)) metadata = nobj._attrs chunks = [(fn, d) for fn, d in self.images] return (metadata, ("images", chunks))
_hub_categories = ( "News", "Documents", "Simulation Management", "Data Management", "Analysis and Visualization", "Paper Repositories", "Astrophysical Utilities", "yt Scripts", )
[docs]class MinimalProjectDescription(MinimalRepresentation): type = "project" _attr_list = ("title", "url", "description", "category", "image_url") def __init__(self, title, url, description, category, image_url=""): assert category in _hub_categories self.title = title self.url = url self.description = description self.category = category self.image_url = image_url def _generate_post(self): metadata = self._attrs return (metadata, ("chunks", []))
[docs]class MinimalNotebook(MinimalRepresentation): type = "notebook" _attr_list = ("title",) def __init__(self, filename, title=None): # First we read in the data if not os.path.isfile(filename): raise OSError(filename) = open(filename).read() if title is None: title = json.loads(["metadata"]["name"] self.title = title = np.fromstring(, dtype="c") def _generate_post(self): metadata = self._attrs chunks = [("notebook",] return (metadata, ("chunks", chunks))
[docs]class ImageCollection: def __init__(self, ds, name): self.ds = ds = name self.images = [] self.image_metadata = []
[docs] def add_image(self, fn, descr): self.image_metadata.append(descr) self.images.append((os.path.basename(fn), np.fromfile(fn, dtype="c")))