This page will be updated with more information as the date approaches.

Development Workshop - Spring 2019

A development-focused workshop for yt will be held March 4-6 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

This workshop will focus on a handful of new and emerging features, but will also serve as an opportunity for folks new to developing yt, or who just want to start getting involved, to meet other developers and build out their technical understanding of yt.

Funding will be available to some attendees. We aim to make this conference inclusive to existing and new developers, and remind attendees that it is covered by the yt code of conduct.


A block of rooms has been reserved at the Hampton Inn on University Avenue in Urbana. We encourage you to stay there, as it is within walking distance to NCSA and a short distance from both downtown Champaign and "Campustown" in Champaign. Reservations at a secured rate of $99/night can be made at this link.


This workshop will not be prescriptive in nature -- we invite attendees to develop ideas, topics and collaborations! A few topics that might be of interest include developing new frontends for data ingestion, developing optimizations for existing data processing or IO routines, building out additional visualization techniques, integrating with external packages (such as bqplot, ipywidgets, glue, etc) and domain-specific routines for analysis.


We anticipate attendees will travel on Sunday, March 3rd, and depart the afternoon or evening of March 6th.

Monday, March 4th (Full day)

Introduction to developing yt, with resources on using Git, Github, Python, Cython, and an in-depth walkthrough of adding a new frontend and extending existing data objects. During this day we will also brainstorm topics that we will work on during the rest of the workshop and organize mini-sprints.

Tuesday, March 5th (Full day)

We anticipate this day will include sprints on the mini-topics, but also continue to develop on ideas built during the first day. We anticipate there being room for substantial visualization-specific work.

Wednesday, March 6th (Half or full day)

We'll start with an opportunity to finalize projects and then have an around-the-room update session.

Social gatherings will be organized during the evenings.