yt Extensions

Below are some extensions to yt. These build on yt to develop analysis or visualization pipelines, or contain components that are otherwise out of scope for the core yt package. yt comes with a set of analysis modules, but the extensions listed below are externally developed and maintained.

Extension Packages


ytini is set of tools and tutorials for using yt as a tool inside the 3D visual effects software Houdini or a data pre-processor externally to Houdini.


Trident is a full-featured tool that projects arbitrary sightlines through astrophysical hydrodynamics simulations for generating mock spectral observations of the IGM and CGM.


pyXSIM is a Python package for simulating X-ray observations from astrophysical sources.

yt interaction

This extension is an experiment to work with the holoviews package for interactive visualization.


An ongoing effort to build reusable Qt-based widgets for interacting with yt plots and datasets.


Analyze merger tree data from multiple sources. It's yt for merger trees!