Project Members

In September of 2014, a discussion on the yt-dev mailing list about project governance resulted in the development of a YTEP on the topic of project governance. As an outcome of that, the community decided to establish a "membership" process, whereby individuals who had contributed in a significant way to the project were recognized and identified as members.

Kenza Arraki

Member since 2014. Kenza has been a yt project developer since 2013. Her main contributions have been to the ART frontend and she is currently the ART code liason.

Ricarda Beckmann

Member since 2018.

Corentin Cadiou

Member since 2017. Corentin has been a yt project developer since 2017. He has been involved in maintaining and improving RAMSES' frontend.

Niels Claes

Member since 2019.

Jared Coughlin

Member since 2020.

Brian Crosby

Member since 2016.

Bili Dong

Member since 2016.

Hilary Egan

Member since 2014. Hilary began developing yt in 2013. She created and maintains the absorption spectrum fitting tool. She has also been involved in developing the new halo analysis framework.

Nathan Goldbaum

Member since 2014. Nathan has been involved in yt development since 2011. He has been involved in writing and maintaining yt's plotting functionality, the FLASH, Enzo, and SPH frontends, and yt's unit system.

Chris Havlin

Member since 2021.

Cameron Hummels

Member since 2014. Cameron began work on the yt project in 2010. The focus of his code contributions have been on halo finding, tracking, and merger trees; volume rendering and the camera interface, synthetic spectral generation, and the graphical user interface for yt, Reason, but he has experience making modifications in many corners of the codebase. Cameron has organized and written a large fraction of the yt documentation and has contributed numerous useful recipes to the cookbook. As the informal documentation czar, he tries very hard to assure newly developed functionality is accessible to the entire userbase. He is active in yt project organization and planning.

Suoqing Ji

Member since 2014. Suoqing has benefited a lot from friendly yt community. The 2012 user workshop made him stick to yt for analyzing his FLASH datasets, and the 2014 development workshop turned him into a developer. He obtained his PhD in physics from UC Santa Barbara in 2018, and now is the Sherman Fairchild Fellow at Caltech.

Allyson Julian

Member since 2016.

Ben Keller

Member since 2014. Ben Keller is the current Tipsy frontent liason. He started his PhD at McMaster University in 2011, and uses yt to analyze simulations generated using the Gasoline and ChaNGa SPH codes.

Ashley Kelly

Member since 2018.

Kacper Kowalik

Member since 2014. Kacper has been a developer since 2011. He has made contributions to, and is actively maintaining Grid Data Format frontend. He is also taking care of continuous integration infrastructure and documentation deployment.

Sam Leitner

Member since 2014.

Alex Lindsay

Member since 2016. Alex is focused on expanding yt support of unstructured mesh visualization, particularly for Exodus datasets which are the default file output of the finite element code MOOSE.

Chris Malone

Member since 2014. Chris began dabbling with yt in 2011, adding support for the BoxLib-based code, Maestro. Since then, he has helped work with other BoxLib-based codes, and is currently the BoxLib frontend liason. He's currently a postdoc at Los Alamos National Lab, where he is trying to pull in more yt users for lab-related codes.

Madicken Munk

Member since 2018. Madicken has been working with yt since 2017. Her contributions to yt have included adding support for georeferenced data and building the frontend the discrete ordinates code Denovo. Madicken is interested in building further support for nuclear engineering simulation codes.

Andrew Myers

Member since 2014. Andrew made his first commit to the code in 2011. He helped develop, and currently maintains, the Orion and Chombo frontends. He also wrote the RADMC-3D export module and has contributed many bugfixes. He is currently working on extending yt's tools for analyzing and visualizing particle datasets.

Jill Naiman

Member since 2014.

Brian O'Shea

Member since 2014.

Jeff Oishi

Member since 2014.

Clément Robert

Member since 2019. Clément has been using multiple hydro-simulation codes and got frustrated with the wheel-reinventing that was too often required to read and analyze code specific data formats. In 2018, he fell in love with yt's philosophy for building and sharing one flexible tool with a community of users and developers and started working on a frontend for MPI-AMRVAC, which came to life in 2019.

Douglas Rudd

Member since 2014. Doug is a Scientific Computing Consultant at the Research Computing Center at the University of Chicago. In a past life he developed the distributed version of ART and in 2012 began working on a yt frontend for that code. He currently acts as the liaison to the ARTIO frontend and works on infrastructure projects like periodicity and selectors.

Anthony Scopatz

Member since 2014.

Abhishek Singh

Member since 2018.

Sam Skillman

Member since 2014.

Stephen Skory

Member since 2014.

Britton Smith

Member since 2014. Britton has been a developer for the yt project since 2008 and has made contributions to most areas of the code. He has also been active in project organization and helped to establish the current system of governance for yt.

Casey Stark

Member since 2014.

Matthew Turk

Member since 2014. Matt has been a developer since 2006, and has been involved with many different aspects of yt including frontends, infrastructure, visualization, and parallelism. He's been involved in the organization and community growth of yt.

John Wise

Member since 2014. John has been a developer since 2007 when Matt Turk and he were graduate students in the same group. He is the main developer of the eps_writer extension. He has contributed many minor bugfixes and improvements to various parts of yt, such as the merger tree, Rockstar interface, and the Enzo frontend. He is an assistant professor at Georgia Tech, where he enjoys showing off yt's usefulness to his research group and students in his upper-level classes.

Michael Zingale

Member since 2014. Mike saw the light of yt late in the game, when he became too frustrated with other visualization offerings. He enjoys de-cosmologicalizing the code and hacking where he can to make yt better.

John ZuHone

Member since 2014. John has been a developer since 2010, and has been involved with developing the FLASH, Athena, and FITS frontends, as well as a number of analysis modules pertaining to simulated observations.