Symbolic Units

This section describes yt’s symbolic unit capabilities. This is provided as quick introduction for those who are already familiar with yt but want to learn more about the unit system. Please see General Data Analysis and Visualizing Data for more detail about querying, analyzing, and visualizing data in yt.

Each subsection is a notebook. To open these notebooks in a “live” IPython session and execute the documentation interactively, you need to download the repository and start the IPython notebook.

You will then need to navigate to $YT_GIT/doc/source/units (where $YT_GIT is the location of a clone of the yt git repository), and then start an IPython notebook server:

$ ipython notebook


The pre-filled out notebooks are far less fun than running them yourself!

Here are the notebooks, which have been filled in for inspection:


The notebooks use sample datasets that are available for download at See Introduction for more details.

Let us know if you would like to contribute other example notebooks, or have any suggestions for how these can be improved.