Source code for yt.utilities.lodgeit

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    A script that pastes stuff into the enzotools pastebin on

    Modified (very, very slightly) from the original script by the authors

    .lodgeitrc / _lodgeitrc

    Under UNIX create a file called ``~/.lodgeitrc``, under Windows
    create a file ``%APPDATA%/_lodgeitrc`` to override defaults::


    :authors: 2007-2008 Georg Brandl <>,
              2006 Armin Ronacher <>,
              2006 Matt Good <>,
              2005 Raphael Slinckx <>
from __future__ import print_function
import os
import sys
from optparse import OptionParser
if sys.version_info >= (3,0,0):
    unicode = str

SCRIPT_NAME = os.path.basename(sys.argv[0])
VERSION = '0.3'
SETTING_KEYS = ['author', 'title', 'language', 'private', 'clipboard',

# global server proxy
_xmlrpc_service = None

[docs]def fail(msg, code): """Bail out with an error message.""" print('ERROR: %s' % msg, file=sys.stderr) sys.exit(code)
[docs]def load_default_settings(): """Load the defaults from the lodgeitrc file.""" settings = { 'language': None, 'clipboard': True, 'open_browser': False, 'encoding': 'iso-8859-15' } rcfile = None if == 'posix': rcfile = os.path.expanduser('~/.lodgeitrc') elif == 'nt' and 'APPDATA' in os.environ: rcfile = os.path.expandvars(r'$APPDATA\_lodgeitrc') if rcfile: try: f = open(rcfile) for line in f: if line.strip()[:1] in '#;': continue p = line.split('=', 1) if len(p) == 2: key = p[0].strip().lower() if key in settings: if key in ('clipboard', 'open_browser'): settings[key] = p[1].strip().lower() in \ ('true', '1', 'on', 'yes') else: settings[key] = p[1].strip() f.close() except IOError: pass settings['tags'] = [] settings['title'] = None return settings
[docs]def make_utf8(text, encoding): """Convert a text to UTF-8, brute-force.""" try: u = unicode(text, 'utf-8') uenc = 'utf-8' except UnicodeError: try: u = unicode(text, encoding) uenc = 'utf-8' except UnicodeError: u = unicode(text, 'iso-8859-15', 'ignore') uenc = 'iso-8859-15' try: import chardet except ImportError: return u.encode('utf-8') d = chardet.detect(text) if d['encoding'] == uenc: return u.encode('utf-8') return unicode(text, d['encoding'], 'ignore').encode('utf-8')
[docs]def get_xmlrpc_service(): """Create the XMLRPC server proxy and cache it.""" global _xmlrpc_service from yt.extern.six.moves import xmlrpc_client if _xmlrpc_service is None: try: _xmlrpc_service = xmlrpc_client.ServerProxy(SERVICE_URL + 'xmlrpc/', allow_none=True) except Exception as err: fail('Could not connect to Pastebin: %s' % err, -1) return _xmlrpc_service
[docs]def copy_url(url): """Copy the url into the clipboard.""" # try windows first try: import win32clipboard except ImportError: # then give pbcopy a try. do that before gtk because # gtk might be installed on os x but nobody is interested # in the X11 clipboard there. from subprocess import Popen, PIPE try: client = Popen(['pbcopy'], stdin=PIPE) except OSError: try: import pygtk pygtk.require('2.0') import gtk import gobject except ImportError: return gtk.clipboard_get(gtk.gdk.SELECTION_CLIPBOARD).set_text(url) gobject.idle_add(gtk.main_quit) gtk.main() else: client.stdin.write(url) client.stdin.close() client.wait() else: win32clipboard.OpenClipboard() win32clipboard.EmptyClipboard() win32clipboard.SetClipboardText(url) win32clipboard.CloseClipboard()
[docs]def open_webbrowser(url): """Open a new browser window.""" import webbrowser
[docs]def language_exists(language): """Check if a language alias exists.""" xmlrpc = get_xmlrpc_service() langs = xmlrpc.pastes.getLanguages() return language in langs
[docs]def get_mimetype(data, filename): """Try to get MIME type from data.""" try: import gnomevfs except ImportError: from mimetypes import guess_type if filename: return guess_type(filename)[0] else: if filename: return gnomevfs.get_mime_type(os.path.abspath(filename)) return gnomevfs.get_mime_type_for_data(data)
[docs]def download_paste(uid): """Download a paste given by ID.""" xmlrpc = get_xmlrpc_service() paste = xmlrpc.pastes.getPaste(uid) if not paste: fail('Paste "%s" does not exist.' % uid, 5) if sys.version_info >= (3,0,0): code = paste['code'] else: code = paste['code'].encode('utf-8') print(code)
[docs]def create_paste(code, language, filename, mimetype, private): """Create a new paste.""" xmlrpc = get_xmlrpc_service() rv = xmlrpc.pastes.newPaste(language, code, None, filename, mimetype, private) if not rv: fail('Could not create paste. Something went wrong ' 'on the server side.', 4) return rv
[docs]def compile_paste(filenames, langopt): """Create a single paste out of zero, one or multiple files.""" def read_file(f): try: return finally: f.close() mime = '' lang = langopt or '' if not filenames: data = read_file(sys.stdin) if not langopt: mime = get_mimetype(data, '') or '' fname = "" elif len(filenames) == 1: fname = filenames[0] data = read_file(open(filenames[0], 'rb')) if not langopt: mime = get_mimetype(data, filenames[0]) or '' else: result = [] for fname in filenames: data = read_file(open(fname, 'rb')) if langopt: result.append('### %s [%s]\n\n' % (fname, langopt)) else: result.append('### %s\n\n' % fname) result.append(data) result.append('\n\n') data = ''.join(result) lang = 'multi' return data, lang, fname, mime
[docs]def main( filename, languages=False, language=None, encoding='utf-8', open_browser=False, private=False, clipboard=False, download=None ): """Paste a given script into a pastebin using the Lodgeit tool.""" # usage = ('Usage: %%prog [options] [FILE ...]\n\n' # 'Read the files and paste their contents to %s.\n' # 'If no file is given, read from standard input.\n' # 'If multiple files are given, they are put into a single paste.' # % SERVICE_URL) # parser = OptionParser(usage=usage) # # settings = load_default_settings() # # parser.add_option('-v', '--version', action='store_true', # help='Print script version') # parser.add_option('-L', '--languages', action='store_true', default=False, # help='Retrieve a list of supported languages') # parser.add_option('-l', '--language', default=settings['language'], # help='Used syntax highlighter for the file') # parser.add_option('-e', '--encoding', default=settings['encoding'], # help='Specify the encoding of a file (default is ' # 'utf-8 or guessing if available)') # parser.add_option('-b', '--open-browser', dest='open_browser', # action='store_true', # default=settings['open_browser'], # help='Open the paste in a web browser') # parser.add_option('-p', '--private', action='store_true', default=False, # help='Paste as private') # parser.add_option('--no-clipboard', dest='clipboard', # action='store_false', # default=settings['clipboard'], # help="Don't copy the url into the clipboard") # parser.add_option('--download', metavar='UID', # help='Download a given paste') # # opts, args = parser.parse_args() # if languages: print_languages() return elif download: download_paste(download) return # check language if given if language and not language_exists(language): print('Language %s is not supported.' % language) return # load file(s) args = [ filename ] try: data, language, filename, mimetype = compile_paste(args, language) except Exception as err: fail('Error while reading the file(s): %s' % err, 2) if not data: fail('Aborted, no content to paste.', 4) # create paste code = make_utf8(data, encoding) if sys.version_info >= (3,0,0): code = code.decode('utf-8') pid = create_paste(code, language, filename, mimetype, private) url = '%sshow/%s/' % (SERVICE_URL, pid) print(url) if open_browser: open_webbrowser(url) if clipboard: copy_url(url)
if __name__ == '__main__': sys.exit(main())