Source code for yt.utilities.hierarchy_inspection

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import inspect
from collections import Counter
from yt.extern.six.moves import reduce

[docs]def find_lowest_subclasses(candidates): """ This function takes a list of classes, and returns only the ones that are are not super classes of any others in the list. i.e. the ones that are at the bottom of the specified mro of classes. Parameters ---------- candidates : Iterable An iterable object that is a collection of classes to find the lowest subclass of. Returns ------- result : list A list of classes which are not super classes for any others in candidates. """ # If there is only one input, the input candidate is always the # lowest class if len(candidates) == 1: return candidates elif len(candidates) == 0: return [] mros = [inspect.getmro(c) for c in candidates] counters = [Counter(mro) for mro in mros] if len(counters) == 0: return counters count = reduce(lambda x, y: x + y, counters) return [x for x in count.keys() if count[x] == 1]